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tr.v. pac·i·fied, pac·i·fy·ing, pac·i·fies
a. To ease the anger or agitation of (a person or the mind, for example).
b. To calm or soothe (a feeling, such as anger).
a. To end war, fighting, or violence in (a region or country), especially by military force.
b. To subdue or quell (an insurrection or conflict, for example).
c. To cause (a group) to end a rebellion or other violent action.

[Middle English pacifien, from Old French pacifier, from Latin pācificāre : pāx, pāc-, peace; see pag- in Indo-European roots + -ficāre, -fy.]

pac′i·fi′a·ble adj.
Synonyms: pacify, mollify, conciliate, appease, placate
These verbs refer to allaying another's anger, discontent, or agitation. To pacify is to ease the concerns of or restore calm to: "The explanation ... was merely an invention framed to pacify his guests" (Charlotte Brontë).
Mollify stresses the soothing of hostile feelings: The therapist mollified the angry teenager by speaking gently. Conciliate implies winning over, often by reasoning and with mutual concessions: "He recognized the need to conciliate his political opponents" (Robert W. Johannsen).
Appease and placate suggest satisfying claims or demands or tempering antagonism, often by granting concessions: I appeased my friend's anger with a compliment. A sincere apology placated the indignant customer.
References in classic literature ?
I pray you," answered the minister, "if thou hast any means of pacifying the child, do it forthwith
The affair he had alluded to had happened a few days before- a fight between the prisoners and the French soldiers, in which Pierre had succeeded in pacifying his comrades.
The letter in which Old Sharon had undertaken (by way of pacifying Isabel) to write the name of the thief, contained these lines:
District authorities had a hard time pacifying them and additional police force was sent to the area to ensure that the situation did not get out of control, an official informed IANS.
Security forces in Rio have reportedly been trying to reclaim territory in the city from the control of heavily armed drug gangs, and until recently, deployment of special teams called Pacifying Police Units in dozens of Brazilian slums was viewed as a major achievement.
On information, police rushed to the spot and dispersed the protesters by pacifying them that the accused would be arrested soon.
Summary: Addis Ababa: Regional African leaders signed a deal on Sunday aimed at pacifying the troubled .
Neck touching and stroking is one of the most significant pacifying behaviors we resort to under stress.
Sources said that Rehman Malik along with other coalition partners-JUI, ANP, BNP Awami-played a pivotal role after the differences emerged between Chief Minister Balochistan, Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani and five PPP Parliamentarians, by pacifying the dissident parliamentarians.