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Unlike ACap™ management, ACM did not use ER sensing to determine capture, but introduced premature atrial pacing and sensed atrial or ventricular response according to the pacing mode to assess atrial threshold.
Platinum devices also feature proven therapeutic functions such as PARAD+TM, an arrhythmia discrimination algorithm, SafeR, a pacing mode which preserves natural heart conduction and SonR, the only hemodynamic sensor which automatically optimises CRT settings.
This 11-chapter guide to cardiac pacemakers, ICDs (implantable cardiac defibrillators), and CRTs (cardiac resynchronization therapies) explains indications for permanent and temporary cardiac pacing; the components of pacing and the ICD system; the hemodynamics of cardiac pacing and pacing mode selection; temporary cardiac pacing; techniques of implantation and removal; pacemaker timing cycles and special features; evaluation, troubleshooting, and the management of malfunctions; the implantable cardioverter-defibrillator; ICD follow-up and troubleshooting; and follow-up of the patient with CIEDs (cardiovascular implantable electronic devices).
Sorin dual-chamber ICDs feature the Parad+ arrhythmia discrimination algorithm which, according to a 2007 study, reduces the number of inappropriate shocks; and the Safer pacing mode which, according to a 2012 study, minimizes unnecessary ventricular pacing.
The concern is that the stimulus presented during the study might be interpreted as cardiac in origin and temporarily inhibit or trigger output, or that it could be interpreted as noise and temporarily cause reversion to an asynchronous pacing mode, which could lead to dangerous tachyarrhythmias or cause inappropriate reprogramming of the device, she said.
Pacemakers can respond to electromagnetic interference (EMI) in a plethora of unwelcome ways: complete inhibition of pacing, asynchronous pacing, rapid pacing, mode reset to a very safe pacing mode, or physical damage to the generator and/or pacing leads.
There was a significant improvement in exercise and symptom scores in DDD compared with VVI pacing mode.