pack down

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w>pack down

vi (Rugby) → ein Gedränge ntbilden
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The she-wolf, the young leader on her left, and the one-eyed elder on her right, led their half of the pack down to the Mackenzie River and across into the lake country to the east.
Her toothless old mouth twitched ner- vously, and when Tom grew weary and wanted to put the pack down at a street crossing, she snatched it up and if he had not prevented would have slung it across her own back.
It never bunches, but it's inclined to pack down and make me sag.
He had put his pack down as a table, and the two of them were devouring a great pasty, and washing it down with some drink from a stone jar.
The two nations will pack down tomorrow and Wednesday in a fallow week in the Six Nations and England captain Dylan Hartley promised there would be no holding back.
the ankle with a leathery drape which dust up and pack down in cyclical
Barclay was omitted from the 31-man Scotland Rugby World Cup squad but has returned in time for the league opener and will pack down at No.
The six-strong team eventually managed to pack down the beach at 7.
The new Warriors recruit will pack down against Northampton in their Heineken Cup opener.
com Lightweight, these will pack down to a fraction of the size of a traditional bath towel so are perfect for when space is tight.
The 27-year-old Edinburgh hooker was one of five Scotland players withdrawn from club service after the Six Nations, but will pack down for the EMC Test at Murrayfield tomorrow for his first action since the victory over Italy on March 19.
Corbisiero will pack down alongside Dylan Hartley and Dan Cole in a front row boasting just 36 caps and an average age of 23.