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Noun1.packaging company - a company that packages goods for sale or shipment or storagepackaging company - a company that packages goods for sale or shipment or storage
company - an institution created to conduct business; "he only invests in large well-established companies"; "he started the company in his garage"
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15 (ANI): A major fire broke out in a packaging company in Thane's Dombivli in the early hours of Thursday.
The business will operate as part of Menasha Packaging Company, a subsidiary of Menasha Corp.
11 April 2017 - US-based packaging company ProAmpac has acquired US-based flexible packaging producer Trinity Packaging Corp.
A Sayreville-based food packaging company, Sabert Corp.
com)-- Denver-based marijuana packaging company MMC Depot is offering their new line of re-writable cannaline glass stash jars for those who want quality marijuana containers that meet current regulations.
In 2010, he founded his own design and packaging company for the luxury goods and beauty industries.
To ensure that temperature sensitive products are maintained within industry specified temperature ranges, The Wool Packaging Company regularly subjects its insulated packaging products, such as Woolcool[R], to rigorous temperature trialling, typically carried out using Tinytag data loggers.
We have urged the government to provide fiscal incentives to promote packaging which is environmental friendly, recyclable and sustainable," Atit Bhatia ( senior vice- president), Hindustan Tin Works Ltd, a packaging company, said.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-18 February 2009-Swedish envelope and packaging company Bong Ljungdahl AB reports operating profit of SEK74m(C)1994-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
An Italian packaging company has launched the first foamed PLA trays for fresh carry-out foods like meat, fish, cheese, fruit, and prepared foods.
Tetra Laval, the largest packaging company in the world, has said that the acquisition will expand its presence in the beer industry.

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