packet boat

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Noun1.Packet boat - a boat for carrying mailpacket boat - a boat for carrying mail    
boat - a small vessel for travel on water
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In one hour after, the ordinance was published in London that no vessel bound for France should leave port, not even the packet boat with letters.
The packet boat that was transporting troops to and from Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, and to the Island of St.
6), bedraggled passengers crowd the deck of the English cross-Channel packet boat as it enters harbour, with the Union flag flying from the peak of the gaff supporting its mainsail.
Wet Britches and Muddy Boots blends social, geographic and technological history into a people-based narrative that evokes the sights, sounds and smells of what it was really like to bounce in a stagecoach across the dusty plains, sail across the Mississippi in a packet boat, rock back and forth in a wooden day coach choked with dirty dust and cinders aboard an express train, or settle into the hold of a seagoing vessel as an immigrant in search of the New World.
A snow and ice warning is today in effect for Lancashire and there will possibly be disruption to the Steam Packet boat service between Liverpool and the Isle of Man.
Five years earlier they had seen at first hand the Irish Packet Boat Alert drift onto West Mouse nearby killing 145 people.
The Clermont itself became a profitable packet boat, making regular trips up and down the river carrying mail, passengers, and goods.