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A saddle on which loads can be secured.


(Horse Training, Riding & Manège) a saddle hung with packs, equipment, etc, used on a pack animal


(ˈpækˌsæd l)

a saddle designed for supporting the load on a pack animal.
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Noun1.packsaddle - a saddle for pack animals to which loads can be attached
saddle - a seat for the rider of a horse or camel


[ˈpækˌsædl] Nalbarda f
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The Virginia Golf Trail's impressive roster of top-rated golf courses includes: The Federal Club, Forest Greens, Keswick Club, Lakeview Golf Club, Heritage Oak Golf Club, Generals Ridge Golf Club, Pendleton Golf Club, Packsaddle Ridge Golf Club, Piankatank River Golf Club, Spring Creek Golf Club, Virginia National Golf Club, Blue Ridge Shadows Golf Club, Shenandoah Valley Golf Club, Stonewall Golf Club, Lake Monticello Golf Club, The Manor Resort, Providence Golf Club, Cannon Ridge Golf Club, Westfield's Golf Club, Clear Creek Golf Club, the Country Club of Petersburg, and Wintergreen Resort.
8 miles E Arnett in Packsaddle Wildlife Management Area, UTM 14S 0441177 3971262, elevation 676 m (OSU 13179); Ellis County, 17.
The group, which serves more than 257,000 customers in north east Wales and Cheshire, has offices at Packsaddle, Rhostyllen, near Wrexham.
Western Oklahoma has the best numbers of quail: Black Kettle National Grasslands, Packsaddle and Cooper WMAs.
The outside boxes are filled with veterinary supplies, and the boot on the back holds horse gear including saddle and packsaddle.
Steelhead are being caught on the North Santiam River from Fishermen's Bend to Packsaddle Park.
The 40 year-old house known as Packsaddle at Fillongley in Warwickshire conceals deep roots on this historic site.
Ellis County: 11 mi S, 3 mi E of Arnett, Packsaddle WMA, 685 m, 1 specimen (OMNH 26568); 12.
Ownership portion of cost (in euros) Animal costs Purchase price per animal and packsaddle (P) 2,050.
Celtic Thunder has not won for over a year now but rarely runs a bad race and should go close once again in the five-furlong Packsaddle Handicap.
Packsaddle, a 1960s family home in Fillongley, north Warwickshire, is at the second highest point in the county.
Although the sequois escaped without burning, flames had reached within a mile of the Packsaddle Grove, a stand of ancient, towering trees including the Packsaddle Giant, which has the fourth-largest circumference of any sequoia.