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 (păd′lĭng, păd′l-ĭng)
1. The act of moving a boat by means of a paddle.
2. A spanking or beating with a paddle.


 of ducks: a company of ducks on water—Lipton, 1970.
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Brooke and Ned the other, while Fred Vaughn, the riotous twin, did his best to upset both by paddling about in a wherry like a disturbed water bug.
I saw old Hepzibah and Clifford go away yesterday; and a queer couple of ducks they were, paddling through the mud-puddles
Little pleasure steamers, black with people, are coming and going all the time; and everywhere one sees young girls and young men paddling about in fanciful rowboats, or skimming along by the help of sails when there is any wind.
Agatha, reckless of dusty stockings, waded through the heaps of fallen leaves with the delight of a child paddling in the sea; Gertrude picked her steps carefully, and the rest tramped along, chatting subduedly, occasionally making some scientific or philosophical remark in a louder tone, in order that Miss Wilson might overhear and give them due credit.
I began after a little to grow very bold and sat up to try my skill at paddling.
Malbihn called to the guards in the camp and a moment later the entire party had entered the boats and were paddling up stream.
I turned my back upon them, struck the lug and began paddling out to sea.
Then my fears got the better of me again, and I resumed my paddling.
The Indian, paddling his birch canoe on Lake Champlain, looked up at the high ramparts of Ticonderoga, stone piled on stone, bristling with cannon, and the white flag of France floating above.
I say his own people because, in a sense, all sailors belong to one family: all are descended from that adventurous and shaggy ancestor who, bestriding a shapeless log and paddling with a crooked branch, accomplished the first coasting-trip in a sheltered bay ringing with the admiring howls of his tribe.
One day, after we had been paddling about for some time, I disembarked Kory-Kory, and paddled the canoe to the windward side of the lake.
That meant the boys would bait with selected offal of the cod as the fish were cleaned - an improvement on paddling barehanded in the little bait-barrels below.