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n. pl. pe·do·mor·pho·ses (-sēz′)
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The premise of the book, which is laid out in the first chapter, is that deer species exist along several continua: from saltorial to cursorial locomotion, from concentrate feeders to grazers, from territorial defense to "selfish" herds, and from ancestral to hypermorph to paedomorph body types.
Consistent with our conclusion, Powers (1907) observed one paedomorph that had not yet metamorphosed after three years of observation.
Ambystoma tigrinum is a facultative paedomorph, meaning it can exhibit either the metamorphic or paedomorphic state upon maturity.
Cannibalistic type paedomorphs are among the rarest of tiger salamander morphotypes; it has been documented in a South Dakota wetland where individuals also co-occur with fathead minnows (Larson et al.
This population typically has a mixed population of metamorphs and paedomorphs (3).
Thus, it is possible that the retention of the larval collecting duct morphology in adults is due to these taxa reaching an adult form at an earlier developmental stage than other paedomorphs that possess the derived collecting duct morphology.
In contrast, permanent basins contain paedomorphs and several year classes of larvae (time to metamorphosis at this elevation is 2-5 + yr) that are known to prey on benthic invertebrates including caddisflies (Collins and Holomuzki 1984, Holomuzki and Collins 1987, Zerba and Collins 1992, Whiteman et al.