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n. Informal
A very interesting, exciting, or suspenseful book, usually a novel.


(Journalism & Publishing) an exciting novel, such as a thriller, with a fast-moving story


a book so exciting or gripping that one is compelled to read it very rapidly.


(inf: = book) → spannendes Buch
(person) jd, der Noten umblättert
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Together, scenes and sequels help create page-turning fiction.
Previous books have twisted the history of Second World War codebreakers and the politics of ancient Rome into page-turning best-sellers and he has done it again, with The Dreyfus Affair.
amp;OS=PN/D670,713&RS=PN/D670,713) design patent for page-turning on its e-reading devices.
The current page-turning animations on iPads and e-readers don't replace the actual feel of turning pages that e-book holdouts seek.
This tabletop unit, which we've put to use in our own service bureau, features an intuitive page-turning mechanism - called the 'bionic finger' - that uses revolutionary intelligence to automatically adjust the page-turning process," describes Crowley.
It has a 20% faster page-turning rate and smaller inward-press page-turn buttons.
And join the LDP Business Club today to access an online page-turning version of the latest edition of the 100-page LDP Business magazine.
From Kate Moss's midget feet to drinking wine in pyjamas with Sadie Frost, Dav spills, er, page-turning details of their gang.
A page-turning delight of trust funds, fashion, romance and family.
This is a page-turning psychological thriller in which The Matrix meets The Silence of the Lambs.
The dynamics of the dog-eat-dog world of popular cinema, even in its infancy, make for a page-turning read steeped in the senses of yesteryear.
Lest this sound unrelentingly grim, rest assured that Jokes succeeds as both a page-turning read and a hilariously revelatory memoir.