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A slice of veal or other meat that is pounded until very thin and cooked quickly.

[French paillard, paillarde, probably after the Restaurant Paillard, a celebrated Parisian restaurant of the 19th and early 20th centuries, after its early proprietor M. Paillard, late 19th-century French restaurateur.]


(Cookery) a thin slice of meat
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The specialties also come highly recommended including the Chicken Paillard, a thin, corn-fed chicken fillet with tarragon mustard, prosciutto, tomato, avocado and smoked mozzarella, potatoes and rocket leaves -- a supreme choice.
Besides Bochino, Interpol director (Combating organised trafficking and emerging crimes) Paul Stanfield, Rebecca Surtees of Nexus Institute, Catelene Passchier (The Netherlands), Heleme Paillard (Interpol) and M Dave Rivard also spoke in the session.
Another big innovation at 2016's Ventana Sur, curated by Jose Maria Riba and Eva Morsch-Kihn, is Copia Cero, which screens films that are slightly more commercial though still festival-worthy, says Ventana Sur co-director Jerome Paillard.
Additionally, guests can choose simple marinated meats, fish and vegetables like Branzino Al Cherry Tomatoes, Grilled Fresh Atlantic Salmon, Chicken Breast Paillard and Veal Scaloppine Al Limone.
Pour sa part, le maire de Saint-Denis, Didier Paillard, a indique qu'il est [beaucoup moins que] honore [beaucoup plus grand que] et [beaucoup moins que] fier [beaucoup plus grand que] d'accueillir le ministre de l'Interieur, Noureddine Bedoui, relevant que les evenements douloureux d'octobre 1961 [beaucoup moins que] ont marque l'ensemble de la population de notre region [beaucoup plus grand que].
Paillard is a French culinary term referring to a piece of meat pounded thin, then grilled or sauteed.
When we left the Restaurant Paillard, I extended my hand to him.
A highlight was Royal Windsor soup (Queen's diamond jubilee), turkey paillard, made with local seasonal vegetables.
ldp FOR News, Sport and Business on your phone Clara Paillard, PCS chair for NML branch, said: "We want to welcome visitors to the museum, but also to highlight our campaign against low pay.