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 (pä-yĕt′, pā-, pă-lĕt′)
1. A small piece of metal or foil used in painting with enamel.
2. A spangle used to ornament a dress or costume.

[French, from Old French, diminutive of paille, straw; see paillasse.]

pail·let′ted adj.


(pælˈjɛt; French pajɛt)
1. (Clothing & Fashion) a sequin or spangle sewn onto a costume
2. (Crafts) a small piece of metal or foil, used in enamelling for decoration
[C19: from French, diminutive of paille straw, from Latin palea]


(paɪˈyɛt, peɪ-, pəˈlɛt)

a spangle for ornamenting a costume.
[1875–80; < French; see pallet1]
pail•let′ted, adj.
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Cinco shared that his creation was made of tulle with Swarovski crystals, pearls and paillette.
Latria Graham, Paillette Leaphart Walked from Biloxi to Washington.
Soloman and Jewett include a glossary sure to be helpful to less experienced readers, but they might have been a bit more specific (a paillette is different from a sequin because of the placement of the hole) and proof-read more carefully (David Rodger, not Rodgers, is familiar to all TD&T readers).
Postman was the Paillette Goddard Chair of Media Ecology at New York University and chair of the Department of Culture and Communication.
EMBELLISHED BEAUTY Eveningwear demands a little extra from your spots and paillette sparkles are the way to do it.
They wore satin strapless knee-length dresses with paillette trim at the hem.
Like the marquise, Catherine has an "oeil allume d'une paillette de feu [.
Longtemps, il n'a concerne que l'or alluvionnaire considere comme de l'or secondaire puisque issu de l'alteration et de l'erosion des formations rocheuses auriferes et de l'accumulation dans les alluvions sous forme de poudre, paillette et de pepites (figure 1).
El folio 204, 2 de enero de 1855, revoca el poder otorgado a Antonio Paillette el 24 de junio de 1853 en nombre Juan de Grimaldi y Cia.
Above: Chado Ralph Rucci's luxurious brown knitted Barguzin sable stole and forest green cashmere stole are worn over forest green double-knit cashmere halter sweater and paillette pants.
from molds and roll each in paillette feuilletine to cover sides.