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 (pä-yĕt′, pā-, pă-lĕt′)
1. A small piece of metal or foil used in painting with enamel.
2. A spangle used to ornament a dress or costume.

[French, from Old French, diminutive of paille, straw; see paillasse.]

pail·let′ted adj.


(pælˈjɛt; French pajɛt)
1. (Clothing & Fashion) a sequin or spangle sewn onto a costume
2. (Crafts) a small piece of metal or foil, used in enamelling for decoration
[C19: from French, diminutive of paille straw, from Latin palea]


(paɪˈyɛt, peɪ-, pəˈlɛt)

a spangle for ornamenting a costume.
[1875–80; < French; see pallet1]
pail•let′ted, adj.
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Strass, paillettes et glamour vont rythmer le debut de cette 15e edition.
Le Premier ministre s'est rendu au niveau de certaines entreprises, dont une unite de production de paillettes a partir du recyclage de bouteilles en plastique, aux laboratoires Venus specialises dans les produits esthetiques, ainsi qu'a l'entreprise publique de construction metallique CR-Metal.
Stephen Burrows dresses Barbie in a floor-length coral gown adorned in countless, shimmering paillettes.
Embellishments like sequins, beading and disco paillettes offer instant bling - ideal for effortless one piece dressing that mean you don't have to give extra thought to your accessories or make-up.
There were fitted denim jackets, some trimmed in marabou, alongside giant paillettes, sneakers and bowling bags - all of which spoke to the Nineties theme," Smith says.
The silver option includes silver stars, iridescent hearts and silver paillettes.
The second costume ('Single Ladies') is Riccardo Tisci's newest take on Beyonce's signature leotard, here in black stretch tulle all over embroidered with paillettes, 3D stones and crystals, and a fishnet on skin tulle center part.
I just got in from South Africa, and I'm only here for three hours,'' said Allen wearing skinny jeans and a black jacket embroidered with sequins and paillettes.
For a statement spin on traditional sequins, look to oversized paillettes that have a hypnotic, pearlescent quality.
Brazilian stunner Adriana Lima was sheer perfection at the CFDA Fashion Awards in a long skincoloured tulle dress embroidered with brown and purple paillettes from Givenchy, designed by Riccardo Tisci.
Look for a dress with bold circular paillettes (spangles) in a bright gem colour to really make a statement.
The other Lena, Lena Headey, was an equal miss with a gothic black Armani Prive gown with black paillettes.