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Noun1.pain unit - a unit measuring the intensity of pain
unit, unit of measurement - any division of quantity accepted as a standard of measurement or exchange; "the dollar is the United States unit of currency"; "a unit of wheat is a bushel"; "change per unit volume"
dol - a unit of pain intensity
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The hospital maintains, inter alia, a certified endometriosis and breast center, a Certified Chest Pain Unit and a certified arthroplasty center and a certified MDS Center of Excellence.
Vincent Hot Springs Chest Pain Unit features a dedicated area with cardiology-trained staff designed specifically for patients with acute angina or atypical chest pain, with the goal to diagnose and treat within 24 hours.
This prospective single-arm study was carried out in the Interventional Pain Unit on an outpatient basis between September 2009 and May 2010.
Prof Joanna Zakrzewska, Consultant and Facial Pain Unit Lead, Eastman Dental Hospital, UCLH NHS Foundation Trust, said: "It is very exciting to have a potential new drug to use in TN as this rare condition has to date had to rely on use of drugs previously developed for other purposes.
Chest Pain Unit (CPU) offers immediate cardiac care to a patient with acute chest pain.
Moreover, among patients observed in a chest pain unit, it will be common for troponin concentrations to be above the MI-detection threshold chronically, because such patients typically have either known coronary disease or multiple risk factors.
Johnson & Johnson (New Brunswick NJ), the world's largest health products company, explored a purchase of the pain unit for a little more than $1 billion and decided not to proceed, said the people.
As many as 20%-25% of patients with negative chest pain unit evaluations present again for similar evaluations.
The supplementation of a pharmacological pain treatment concept based on WHO-guidelines by the use of self hypnosis was examined in a controlled clinical follow up study: 61 of 342 patients with cancer related pain referred to the Interdisciplinary Pain Unit of Munich University Clinic were included.
Farkouh and colleagues looked at the care that the patients in the chest pain unit received and the resource utilization associated with it.
David Bresler in the late 1970s at the innovative UCLA Pain Unit, where I served as director of Psychological Services and Clinical Biofeedback.
The study also reveals that the rate of diabetic patients of the second of two types of diabetes in the Kingdom is "very high as it affects one of every four persons in the Kingdom and also in the GCC, said Gerard, who is additionally the head of the pain unit and palliative care resources at the General Hospital in Voiron, France.