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Adj.1.pain-free - not accompanied by pain sensationspain-free - not accompanied by pain sensations; "pain-free surgery"
painless - not causing physical or psychological pain; "painless dentistry"
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Looking for a quick, pain-free way to set up a home network?
At 2 years 'followup, he remains noise- and pain-free on 500 mg/day of gabapentin.
By day 14, every one of them was completely pain-free.
Another measure of efficacy was the achievement of a pain-free response at 2 hours, where a patient has a pain score of 0 (or "no") headache pain at the 2-hours post-dose time point.
UCLA kicker Justin Medlock will play in Saturday's big game against Oklahoma, but he won't do it pain-free.
Generally speaking, return-to-running programs involve starting at a pain-free level and only increasing mileage by 10% per week.
Insertion of ENTaxis is pain-free and the packing is easily separated from underlying tissues, minimizing the possibility of rebleeding.
Also: Catcher Bengie Molina ran the bases at close to full speed Monday and said he was pain-free for the second consecutive day.
It doesn't stay sore for long; usually I can push on the area pain-free five to 10 minutes later.