pair of tweezers

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Noun1.pair of tweezers - a hand tool for holding consisting of a compound lever for graspingpair of tweezers - a hand tool for holding consisting of a compound lever for grasping
hand tool - a tool used with workers' hands
roach clip, roach holder - metal tweezers used by marijuana smokers to hold a roach
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Get a good pair of tweezers and go close to the follicle and lightly slide in the direction of the growth.
Blushing i dived into my clutter bag, relieved That I'd put a spare pair of tweezers in
I looked up what to do online, grabbed a pair of tweezers and tried to remove the thing, helped by my 13-year-old son.
Try to gently remove the central eyelash with a pair of tweezers.
You won't find a boring compact mirror or plastic pair of tweezers in these - instead they're stuffed with a best selling Beauty Balm for your lips, or a glossy Stay Perfect nail shade.
The shapes resemble a pair of tweezers, a vortex and a cage.
To demonstrate their device's utility, the researchers combined two onion muscles into a pair of tweezers, which they used to pick up a cotton ball.
c) The Seller agrees to free lending of 4 sets of implant, consisting of a pair of tweezers and injector for the duration of the contract;
In addition, specialty hand tools such as an Exacto knife, an ESD-safe pair of tweezers and a dental pick were employed.
The Brow Bling kit consists of differentlysized crystals plus a tiny pair of tweezers.
Peering through a magnifying glass, he carefully picks up a miniscule piece of metal with a pair of tweezers and begins the pain-staking task of filing it into the working mechanism of a watch.
The finished result should look as though your brows have barely met a pair of tweezers.