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n. pl. pai·se (-sā′) or paisa
A unit of currency equal to 1/100 of the rupee in India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

[Hindi paisā, from Sanskrit *padāṁśaḥ, quarter part : padam, foot, quarter (of a verse); see ped- in Indo-European roots + aṁśaḥ, portion; see nek- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -se (-seɪ)
(Currencies) a monetary unit of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, and Pakistan worth one hundredth of a rupee
[from Hindi]


(ˈpaɪ sɑ, ˈpeɪ- for 1; ˈpɔɪ ʃɑ for 2 )

n., pl. -se (-seɪ) -sa, -sas.
1. a monetary unit of India, Nepal, and Pakistan, equal to 1/100 of the rupee.
2. a monetary unit of Bangladesh, equal to 1/100 of the taka.
[1955–60; < Hindi paisā]
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Noun1.paisa - a fractional monetary unit in Bangladesh and India and Nepal and Pakistan
fractional monetary unit, subunit - a monetary unit that is valued at a fraction (usually one hundredth) of the basic monetary unit
Indian rupee, rupee - the basic unit of money in India; equal to 100 paise
Pakistani rupee, rupee - the basic unit of money in Pakistan; equal to 100 paisa
Nepalese rupee, rupee - the basic unit of money in Nepal; equal to 100 paisa
taka - the basic unit of money in Bangladesh; equal to 100 paisa
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On Tuesday, the rupee gained one paisa, trading against the dollar at Rs110.
It managed to post ten-paisa gain on the buying counter while inching up by one paisa on the selling counter, while the dollar was seen changing hands at Rs110.
The facility would also be available through thousands of Easy Paisa outlets.
I have spent a lot till now, have visited a number of officials, but it's sad that I have only received 19 paisa of relief," said a farmer Ishwar Dayal.
One Banaras Khan and Israr Khan hailing from Badan in Inayat Kaly Bajaur said they reached the easy paisa franchise at the main bazaar Talash early this morning and kept waiting for more than 8 hours.
The more customers spend their balance, be it call, SMS or LTE internet, the more they would be able to save and enjoy the exciting voice call rates as low as 50 paisa on all networks.
Meanwhile, the mother also disapproves of her son's choice to not send money through Easy Paisa.
TRAI had prescribed the carriage charges through the Interconnection Usage Charges (IUC) Regulations of 23rd February, 2006 which stipulated a ceiling of 65 paisa per minute.
Sources told this news agency on Saturday that the company was facing fiscal deficit and severe financial constraint due to which it wanted to hike power tariff by making an increase of 40 paisa per unit for lifeline consumers.
Consumers in all big cities will benefit be-cause the prices at nine out of the 12 depots will reduce by 17 paisa to Rs1.
03), 2 rupees and 5 rupees and also 10 paisa, 20 paisa, 25 paisa and 50 paisa.
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