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 (pī-zä′nō) also pai·san (-zän′)
n. pl. pai·sa·nos also pai·sans
1. A countryman; a compatriot.
2. Slang A friend; a pal.

[Spanish, from French paysan, from Old French paisant, peasant; see peasant.]


(paɪˈsɑːnəʊ; Spanish paiˈsano)
(often a term of address) n, pl -nos (-nəʊz; Spanish -nos)
1. informal a friend; pal
2. a fellow countryman
[C20: via Spanish from French paysan peasant]


(paɪˈsɑ noʊ, -ˈzɑ-)

n., pl. -nos.
1. compatriot; countryman.
2. Slang. pal; buddy.
[1835–45, Amer.; < Sp < French paysan. See peasant]
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My husband] was there in back, clouded in cigar smoke, just as I'd feared, drinking strega with five paisans.
Our paisans have driven the two hours from New York to visit us in our suburban home outside Hartford.
Notably, this investment ushered in a record-breaking start for Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, the expeditious courtship of Berwyn Kia, the opening of the closest Culver's location in relation to Chicago, the remarkable transformation of a warehouse into Paisans Pizzeria & Bar and the rapid success of the award-winning Autre Monde Cafe & Spirits.
We went out together, Jack and I, two Irish paisans.
The yeasty aroma of bread baking in brick ovens hit me like a physical blow as we found a table amidst the paisans.