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1. A paragon of chivalry; a heroic champion.
2. A strong supporter or defender of a cause: "the paladin of plain speaking" (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.).
3. Any of the 12 peers of Charlemagne's court.

[French, from Italian paladino, from Late Latin palātīnus, palatine; see palatine1.]


1. (Historical Terms) one of the legendary twelve peers of Charlemagne's court
2. (Historical Terms) a knightly champion
[C16: via French from Italian paladino, from Latin palātīnus imperial official, from Palātium Palatine2]


(ˈpæl ə dɪn)

1. any of the 12 legendary peers or knightly champions in attendance on Charlemagne.
2. any knightly or heroic champion.
3. a determined advocate or defender of a cause.
[1585–95; < French < Italian paladino < Late Latin palātīnus imperial functionary, n. use of adj.; see palatine]
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Noun1.paladin - someone who fights for a cause
defender, guardian, protector, shielder - a person who cares for persons or property


A person revered especially for noble courage:


nPaladin m
References in classic literature ?
There hath he hung his arms and trenchant blade Wherewith, achieving deeds till now unseen, He slays, lays low, cleaves, hews; but art hath made A novel style for our new paladin.
It was, in fact, Jehan, who was running as fast as his heavy outfit of a Paladin, and a long ladder which trailed on the pavement, would permit, more breathless than an ant harnessed to a blade of grass twenty times longer than itself.
Edricson and Terlake rode behind him in little better case, while Ford, a careless and light-hearted youth, grinned at the melancholy of his companions, and flourished his lord's heavy spear, making a point to right and a point to left, as though he were a paladin contending against a host of assailants.
Like the ancient paladins, he has only undertaken this war to obtain a look from his lady love.
Here is a crumbling wall that was old when Columbus discovered America; was old when Peter the Hermit roused the knightly men of the Middle Ages to arm for the first Crusade; was old when Charlemagne and his paladins beleaguered enchanted castles and battled with giants and genii in the fabled days of the olden time; was old when Christ and his disciples walked the earth; stood where it stands today when the lips of Memnon were vocal and men bought and sold in the streets of ancient Thebes!
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