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1. Acceptable to the taste; sufficiently agreeable in flavor to be eaten.
2. Acceptable or agreeable to the mind or sensibilities: a palatable solution to the problem.

pal′at·a·bil′i·ty, pal′at·a·ble·ness n.
pal′at·a·bly adv.
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Noun1.palatability - the property of being acceptable to the mouth
taste property - a property appreciated via the sense of taste
pleasingness, tastiness - pleasant palatability
appetisingness, appetizingness - the property of stimulating the appetite
unpalatability, unpalatableness - the property of being unacceptable to the mouth
2.palatability - acceptability to the mind or feelings; "the pursuit of electoral palatability"
acceptability, acceptableness - satisfactoriness by virtue of conforming to approved standards


(fig)Attraktivität f
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Therefore, various attempts have been made to improve the palatability of low-marbled beef, using mechanical (tender stretch, tender cut, and wrapping) and physicochemical (high hydrostatic pressure, ultrasound treatment, and marination and/or injection) methods [5].
The latter two, although not technically vegetables, are commonly used to increase palatability.
This study was conducted in Cholistan rangelands to collect information about the palatability and nutritive potential of browses that remained available throughout the year for livestock.
Appili's ATI-1501 oral liquid antibiotic candidate has been taste-masked to improve palatability and reduce issues with non-compliance.
The researchers assess aging, physical, and chemical methods for improving the tenderness and palatability of beer, the effect of packaging systems on visual quality and palatability, and property measurement techniques.
The diet costs are computed under two scenarios: (i) subject to a range of nutrient-specific constraints (a basic diet), and (ii) with allowance for palatability constraints (a constrained diet).
Palatability (good versus bad taste) was a frequent concern of adolescents (29.
Food palatability is a combination of sensory, physical, and chemical characteristics such as aroma, taste, shape, moisture, and nutritional value.
The carbon-nutrient balance hypothesis predicts that when carbon availability is limited relative to nitrogen, such as in shaded plants, concentrations of carbon-based defense metabolites decrease relative to nitrogen, thus increasing leaf palatability (Bryant et al.
This insight gives ADM the ability to identify specific nutritional stressors for individual farms and create customized feed solutions while making specie-based palatability adjustments that support optimized intake when grain or ensiled crop quality is potentially compromised.
The public belief was:'We can cut the fat, yet still obtain the health benefits of protein, calcium, potassium, and Vitamin D, as well as palatability.
Feed palatability enhancers are gaining a substantial position in feed phytogenics as they are highly influential in the increase of feed intake in animals.