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Either of two historical districts and former states of southern Germany. The Lower Palatinate is in southwest Germany between Luxembourg and the Rhine River; the Upper Palatinate is to the east in eastern Bavaria. They were once under the jurisdiction of the counts palatine, who became electors of the Holy Roman Empire in 1356 and were then known as electors palatine.


 (pə-lăt′n-āt′, -ĭt)
The office, powers, or territory of a palatine.


(Historical Terms) a territory ruled by a palatine prince or noble or count palatine


1. (Historical Terms) the Palatinate either of two territories in SW Germany, once ruled by the counts palatine. Upper Palatinate is now in Bavaria; Lower or Rhine Palatinate is now in Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg, and Hesse. German name: Pfalz
2. (Historical Terms) a native or inhabitant of the Palatinate


(pəˈlæt nˌeɪt, -ɪt)

1. the. German, Pfalz. either of two historic regions of Germany that constituted an electorate of the Holy Roman Empire: one (Lower Palatinate or Rhine Palatinate) is now part of Rhineland-Palatinate, and the other (Upper Palatinate) is now part of Bavaria.
2. a native or inhabitant of the Palatinate.
3. (l.c.) the territory under a palatine.


the office of or territory governed by a nobleman with royal privileges.
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Noun1.Palatinate - a territory in southwestern Germany formerly ruled by the counts palatinePalatinate - a territory in southwestern Germany formerly ruled by the counts palatine
Deutschland, FRG, Germany, Federal Republic of Germany - a republic in central Europe; split into East Germany and West Germany after World War II and reunited in 1990
2.palatinate - a territory under the jurisdiction of a count palatine
district, territorial dominion, territory, dominion - a region marked off for administrative or other purposes


[pəˈlætɪnɪt] Npalatinado m


nPfalz f
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He was the interpreter for the party; having a good military knowledge of the German language, and he and the delighted George fought the campaigns of the Rhine and the Palatinate.
Contract award notice: planning and construction supervision services under part 3, facility planning, section 1, A* 34 hoai (performance image building and interiors) to implement the common extension of karoline gymnasium and the palatinate institute for hearing and communication in frankenthal (palatinate).
Crowds packed into the Market Place on last night to see the city centre come alive with light The Durham Constabulary Brass Band and the Durham University Palatinate Orchestra kept people entertained.
In From the Banks of the Rhine to the Banks of the Mississippi, French sociologist Anny Bloch-Raymond traces the background, migration and settlement of several Jewish families from Alsace and the Palatinate in New Orleans and the Delta region during the nineteenth century.
Throughout the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries the Mennonite Mollinger family played a leading role in the agricultural revolution in the Palatinate and Rhine Hesse.
He was 85 years old:, and was the founder of Krones AG Herr Kronseder came from a family of craftsmen in Germany's Upper Palatinate.
Government sources said two of Germany's 16 states, Hamburg and Rhineland Palatinate, had agreed to accommodate a released man each.
Known as vis-a-vis, this is a project of the Ecumenical Missionary Service in the Evangelical Church of the Palatinate in Landau.
They represent a wide range of the industry in Rhineland Palatinate, ranging from mechanical engineering, to environmental technology and renewable energies, from electrical engineering, to engineering services and the consumer goods industry.
In many cases those relatives came from the Palatinate area of Germany.
Henry Candy has a really smart juvenile in Caesar Beware and although Palatinate is nowhere near that standard, he should have enough in the locker for the Portway EBF Novice Stakes.
A QUICKFIRE double with Palatinate and Loaderfun added to trainer Henry Candy's impressive record with his two-year-olds this term.