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adj. Informal
Extremely or stubbornly conservative in political matters.

pa′le·o·con·ser′va·tive n.
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Jones describes himself as a libertarian and paleoconservative while others describe him as conservative, right-wing, alt-right and far right.
Gottfried, a paleoconservative historian who formerly taught at Elizabethtown College, goes through the answers, stressing that they have changed over the years, and reminding us that we don't necessarily get smarter with the passage of time, even though we certainly gather more information.
Liberal Internationalist Democrats and Paleoconservative Republicans, 1993-2001
He gave his imprimatur to DiLorenzo's work, thereby elevating what might otherwise have been a peculiar book from the depths of Rothbard's libertarian, paleoconservative, neo-Confederate intellectual backwater to a nationally known and provocative piece of severe Lincoln revisionism.
The only living Republicans for which Taylor has kind words are the paleoconservative Pat Buchanan, the libertarian Ron Paul, and the Tea Party conservative Jim DeMint.
What possible advantage can I, by all accounts a viciously paleoconservative malcontent, garner by trashing a famous leftie like the dear departed Alexander Cockburn?
Mitt Romney faded away weighed down by a self-inflicted paleoconservative mindset reminiscent of cold war days.
MSNBC, having employed paleoconservative commentator Patrick Buchanan for 10 yearsbarely a decade
Backed by nativist activists and paleoconservative policy think tanks, restrictionists have crafted state and local "illegal immigrant relief acts" that criminalize the presence of unauthorized immigrants in a jurisdiction and call on local law enforcement authorities to engage in direct or indirect enforcement of immigration laws (Rodriguez, 2008).
Please understand, if I had to recruit, I might do the very same thing that the countercultural schools do, hoping that here or there I would snag a paleoconservative committed to ecology.
So is McDougall a paleoconservative in despair like Poe, despondent like Melville, or cynical like Twain?
If the paleoconservative Mobley hadn't siphoned off 13 percent of the vote, Frohnmayer would have been elected governor in 1990, and from there he would have had a good chance of achieving his boyhood ambition of becoming a member of the U.