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1. The study and scholarly interpretation of earlier, especially ancient, writing and forms of writing.
a. The documents whose writing is so studied.
b. The manner of writing in an earlier, especially ancient, document or set of documents.

pa′le·og′ra·pher n.
pa′le·o·graph′ic (-ə-grăf′ĭk), pa′le·o·graph′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.


(Historical Terms) a variant spelling of palaeographer
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Noun1.paleographer - an archeologist skilled in paleography
archaeologist, archeologist - an anthropologist who studies prehistoric people and their culture
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The Oxford paleographer demonstrates his unique talents by unlocking the secrets along the trail.
If we are to believe Wikipedia (I discourage my students from citing this source in their papers), De los Santos was almost comparable to Rizal because he was: 'a noted Filipino historian, literary critic, art critic, jurist, prosecutor, antiquarian, archivist, scholar, painter, poet, musician, musicologist, philosopher, philologist, bibliographer, journalist, editor, publisher, paleographer, ethnographer, biographer, researcher, civil servant, patriot and hero.
Well, James was a medievalist, paleographer, and biblical scholar, so it's reasonable to assume he had a particular affinity for the past.
12) This is, to the best of our knowledge, the first detailed analysis of the handwriting in the context of disease and disorder by a paleographer and neurologist in collaboration.
It was a tough slog for her because her advisor, a Jesuit-trained paleographer, was extraordinarily rigorous, and the topic, on the well-worn subject of the emergence of genuine historical writing in the Middle Ages, was not exciting, but her thesis probably had more footnotes and a longer bibliography than mine.
To Djebar, Pelissier becomes a silent witness, a paleographer, a vital enemy she describes as "a quasi-fraternal embalmer of this tribe" and, because of the substantial report he writes a few days later, "Pelissier, "the barbarian," becomes to her the first writer of the first Algerian war.
For engaging, nontechnical insight into the work of a paleographer, look to the fourth chapter, "Aquinas's Lost Roman Commentary: An Historical Detective Story," by John F.
In 2006, however, the respected paleographer Grace Ioppolo stated that the date should be read as 1595.
As well as Puig and Broca, the expedition comprised Josep Gudiol i Conill (1872-1931) as archeologist and paleographer, Josep Goday i Casals (1882-1936) as assistant architect for the study of monuments, and Adolf Mas Ginesta (1861-1936) as photographer (6).
The Paleographer and the Manager: A Tale of Modern Times.
An Indologist, linguist, paleographer, historian, writer, and translator, he knew twelve languages including Sanskrit, Pali, Tochari, and other ancient languages.
I offer three arguments for supplying missing letters within pointed brackets on the condition that the REED editor and the REED paleographer can agree on what the original reading must have been.