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A plural of pallium.
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A preliminary study of resource overlap between howling monkeys (Alouatta pallia ta) and other arboreal mammals in the tropical rain forest of Los Tuxtlas, Mexico.
Anxiety, depression, and quality of life in caregivers of patients with cancer in late pallia tive phase.
La cuestion terminologica no es intrascendente, pues que yo conozca no se denominan nunca, al menos en Cataluna, ni antipendia ni tampoco pallia, vocablos que sin embargo ha utilizado muy frecuentemente la historiografia dedicada a su estudio.
Their wool is then woven into a pallia which, on the vigil for the celebration of the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul on June 29, are laid upon the main altar at the St.
Si que podemos datar bien, en todo caso, otro tipo de ofrendas, como algunos de los exvotos en piedra del Cerro de los Santos (Montealegre del Castillo, Albacete), gracias a la ostentacion de pallia, bullae, velos y togas (Noguera 1994: 96-138; Jaeggi 2010: 30), exvotos estos que no muestran armas sino que prefieren ofrecer una imagen (la imagen de sus depositantes, en ultima instancia) relacionada con otro tipo de atributos civicos mas acordes con la ideologia hispano-romana provincial.
Pallia are woven from the wool of white lambs shorn by Trappist monks on the feast of St.
High-level delegates from the ICT industry speaking at the event in Dubai include Wim Elfrink, Executive VP Emerging Solutions, Cisco; Ulf Ewaldsson, CTO, Ericsson; Eileen Healy, CEO, Healy & Co; John Davies, VP Sales and Marketing, Intel; Sifiso Dabengwa, Group President and CEO, MTN; Franco BernabE , CEO, Telecom Italia; Zheren Ma, Head of Corporate Strategy, Tencent; Alan Braverman, Senior Executive Vice-President, Walt Disney Company; Ashish Srivastava Pallia, Chief Enterprise Architect and Head, Wipro Technologies; and Ming Xu, Vice President, ZTE.
Puerilia sunt, quae ad nullum alium usum pertinent nisi puerilem, veluti togae praetextae aliculae chlamydes pallia quae filiis nostris comparamus.
Pallia Transport was started about 50 years back, when it was into passenger transportation also - Pallia is actually a very small village near the UP-Nepal border.
21 -- On the occasion of its 50th anniversary celebration, Gurgaon Mercurio Pallia has launched a book named "10,000 kms on the India Highways", a tribute to the truck/trailer drivers who contribute immensely but remain unsung, unnoticed and unacknowledged by one and all.
57, 102-5; see Paul Speck, "Artabasdos, Bonifatius und die drei Pallia," Zeitschrift fur Kirchengeschichte 76 (1985): 179-95.