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Noun1.palm nut - seed of any oil palmpalm nut - seed of any oil palm      
palm oil - oil from nuts of oil palms especially the African oil palm
oil palm - pinnate-leaved palms of the genus Elaeis having dense clusters of crowded flowers and bright red fruit and yielding high quality palm oils
nut - usually large hard-shelled seed
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The startling revelation about schoolchildren falling victim to tobacco and gutkha -- a sweetened mixture of chewing tobacco, betel nut and palm nut -- came to light in a new survey conducted by Patna Dental College and Hospital, a government hospital affiliated to the Patna University.
Hence, at a given place and time of the year, palm nut availability may be high variable according to the number of fruiting stems.
Washington, February 28 ( ANI ): Capuchin monkeys don't just rely on brute force when they crack a palm nut with a stone - they also apply basic rules of physics, scientists have shown.
It employs 25,000 people and produces palm oil, palm nut, tea, rubber and bananas.
He said PTPN III already built a palm oil processing plant with a processing capacity of 75 tons of fresh palm fruit bunches per hour, a Palm Kernel Oil factory with a capacity of 400 tons and a power plant with a capacity of 7 megawatt using oil palm nut shell as fuel.
Weekend specials are divided by day, and a Sunday offering of interest is Omotuo Special with either peanut butter or palm nut soup along with a choice of meat or fish, greens and beans.
The data will be compared to a study showing how many strikes it takes on average to break a ground palm nut open.
Due to the higher unsaturation, the oil extracts of the Turkana doum palm nut may be less stable with respect to oxidative deterioration than coconut and palm kernel oils.
There are many substitutes, such as vegetable ivory, made from a palm nut, and some convincing plastic imitations - like the penguin in the picture.
The conditioner for face, body and hair combines the nourishing benefits of Ojon palm nut oil to restore hair with the intensive hydrating properties of the Tawaka blend.
Preferred food items consumed in the COB prior to migration, which were difficult to locate in Australia were: African vegetables (including sweet potato leaves, cassava leaves, pumpkin leaves, bean leaves, tarot leaves, amaranth), black eye beans, maize flour and grain, camel milk and meat, cocoyam and yam products, sorghum and sorghum products, fresh water fish, cassava, plantain banana, smoked meat and fish, African doughnuts, basso (toasted burley flour), goat meat as well as palm nut, snail and traditional yoghurt.
So it came as no surprise when the French company objected to a British firm using the brand name COCO DE MER -a palm nut which resembles a female bottom -on its sex shop goods.