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 (păl′mĭ-tĭn, päl′-, pä′mĭ-)
The triglyceride, C51H98O6, of palmitic acid, found in palm oil and animal fats and used to manufacture soap. Also called tripalmitin.

[French palmitine, perhaps from palmite, pith of the palm tree, from Portuguese palmito, diminutive of palma, palm, from Latin palma; see palm2.]


(Elements & Compounds) the colourless glyceride of palmitic acid, occurring in many natural oils and fats. Formula: (C15H31COO)3C3H5. Also called: tripalmitin
[C19: from French palmitine, probably from palmite pith of the palm tree; see palm2]
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Noun1.palmitin - an ester of glycerol and palmitic acid
glyceryl ester - an ester of glycerol
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The whitish granules were found to predominantly contain palmitin acid, a chief ingredient of palm oil, said Sunday the Burgas environmental unit (RIOKOZ).