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A computer that is small enough to fit in the palm of one's hand.


a battery-powered microcomputer small enough to fit in the palm.


[ˈpɑːmtɒp] N (also palmtop computer) → ordenador m de bolsillo, computador m or computadora f de bolsillo (LAm), palmtop m


[ˈpɑːmtɒp] n (also palmtop computer) → ordinateur m de poche
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System SEJS-NET contains new module WMOBILE, which provides access to the system through WAP browser, installed in cellular phones and through web browsers installed in palmtops.
Top-of-the range palmtops can cost up to pounds 756 but you can buy cheaper ones for around pounds 126.
Psion Plc, the London-based palmtop computer maker and software developer, has produced a predictably dismal set of financial results as it shares the burden of building up the Symbian joint venture and struggles to avert the decline in sales of its palmtops and industry products.
With that in mind, Psion's new palmtop computers feature a multitasking platform that will allow the handheld products to communicate with products such as fax machines, printers, PCs, digital cellular phones and other palmtops
projects 142,000 palmtops will be sold this year, reaching sales of $170 million.
The palmtops have been used regularly in Langara's statistics and mathematics classrooms since September of 1992.
However, palmtops are less expensive, smaller, lighter, and less obtrusive than laptop computers.
And the less-powerful palmtops are so light you would hardly notice you were carrying them even if you were on Everest.
Second, like the PC revolution in business, palmtops could transform medical care by bringing powerful, unobtrusive sources of information to the patient's bedside.