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 (pə-lo͞od′l, păl′yə-dəl)
Of or relating to a swamp; marshy.

[From Latin palūs, palūd-, marsh; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]


(pəˈljuːdəl; ˈpæljʊdəl) or


1. (Environmental Science) of, relating to, or produced by marshes
2. (Medicine) malarial
[C19: from Latin palus marsh; related to Sanskrit palvala pond]


(pəˈlud l, ˈpæl yə dl)

1. of or like a marsh; marshy.
2. produced by marshes, as miasma or disease.
[1810–20; < Latin palūd-, s. of palūs swamp, marsh + -al1]
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Paludal environments of the Mary Lee coal zone, Pottsville Formation, Alabama: stacked clastic swamps and peat mires.
More than 20% of the Knyszynska Forest area is occupied by paludal habitats, therein mires (Okruszko 1995).
The shallow to semi-deep lake facies lies between the surface and minimum water level in low water season, and formed deposits in a reducing environment with abundant aquatic life, wherein coal seams are not developed, which distinguishes it from the paludal facies.