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 (pə-lo͞od′l, păl′yə-dəl)
Of or relating to a swamp; marshy.

[From Latin palūs, palūd-, marsh; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]


(pəˈljuːdəl; ˈpæljʊdəl) or


1. (Environmental Science) of, relating to, or produced by marshes
2. (Medicine) malarial
[C19: from Latin palus marsh; related to Sanskrit palvala pond]


(pəˈlud l, ˈpæl yə dl)

1. of or like a marsh; marshy.
2. produced by marshes, as miasma or disease.
[1810–20; < Latin palūd-, s. of palūs swamp, marsh + -al1]
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The paludal deposits of Sarawak occur in large basin swamps and in small interior valleys that have developed in mostly near coastal areas in relatively recent times (Murtedza et al.
Up to that point the various intermittent fevers had been called jungle fever, marsh fever, paludal fever, or swamp fever.
The morphology of the deposit is indicative of diffusion across a shallow slope to form paludal conditions that terminated in a barrage-like morphology as spring water converged with flow in a previously active, perennial channel.
Paludal environments of the Mary Lee coal zone, Pottsville Formation, Alabama: stacked clastic swamps and peat mires.
More than 20% of the Knyszynska Forest area is occupied by paludal habitats, therein mires (Okruszko 1995).
The shallow to semi-deep lake facies lies between the surface and minimum water level in low water season, and formed deposits in a reducing environment with abundant aquatic life, wherein coal seams are not developed, which distinguishes it from the paludal facies.