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pan·a·ce·a  (pn-s)
A remedy for all diseases, evils, or difficulties; a cure-all.

[Latin panaca, from Greek panakeia, from panaks, all-healing : pan-, pan- + akos, cure.]

pana·cean adj.

panacea (ˌpænəˈsɪə)
1. a remedy for all diseases or ills
[C16: via Latin from Greek panakeia healing everything, from pan all + akēs remedy]
ˌpanaˈcean adj
pan•a•ce•a (ˌpæn əˈsi ə)

n., pl. -ce•as.
1. a remedy for all ills; cure-all.
2. a solution for all difficulties.
[1540–50; < Latin < Greek panákeia=panake-, s. of panakḗs all-healing]
pan`a•ce′an, adj.

a cure-all or universal remedy; an elixir. — panacean, adj.
See also: Remedies
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Noun1.Panacea - (Greek mythology) the goddess of healing; daughter of Aesculapius and sister of Hygeia
2.panacea - hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases; once sought by the alchemists
curative, cure, therapeutic, remedy - a medicine or therapy that cures disease or relieve pain
elixir - a substance believed to cure all ills

noun cure-all, elixir, nostrum, heal-all, sovereign remedy, universal cure Western aid will not be a panacea for the country's problems.
panacea [ˌpænəˈsɪə] Npanacea f
panacea [ˌpænəˈsiːə] n (= cure-all) → panacée f
a panacea for sth → une panacée pour qch
nAllheilmittel nt; there’s no universal panacea for …es gibt kein Allheilmittel für …
panacea [pænəˈsɪə] npanacea

n.  panacea, remedio para todas las enfermedades.

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His panacea was somewhat in the nature of an anti-climax, but at least it had the merits of simplicity and of common sense.
Poor Hannah was the first to recover, and with unconscious wisdom she set all the rest a good example, for with her, work was panacea for most afflictions.
For my panacea, instead of one of those quack vials of a mixture dipped from Acheron and the Dead Sea, which come out of those long shallow black-schooner looking wagons which we sometimes see made to carry bottles, let me have a draught of undiluted morning air.
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