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A remedy for all diseases, evils, or difficulties; a cure-all.

[Latin panacēa, from Greek panakeia, from panakēs, all-healing : pan-, pan- + akos, cure.]

pan′a·ce′an adj.
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22) In other words, all too often, in the context of poverty law practice, the panacean promise of access to formal justice transmogrifies into the work of helping a client select "the least drastic of available penalties" and attempting to stave off even greater "harm or disaster" from befalling him or her.
Right delivery for the right problem--Offshore nor automated voice nor at home workers nor self-service on the Web are panacean solutions.
Though Carlyle has as little patience for self-aggrandizement as Dickens, the latter shows a growing doubt about the universal and panacean absolutism of the familiar adage in an age where optimizing masquerades as a moral philosophy.