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 (păn′dĭt) or pun·dit (pŭn′-)
1. A Brahmin scholar or learned man.
2. Used as a title of respect for a learned man in India.

[Hindi paṇḍit, from Sanskrit paṇḍitaḥ; see pundit.]


(ˈpʌndɪt; spelling pron ˈpændɪt)
(Hinduism) Hinduism a variant of pundit3


(Biography) Vijaya Lakshmi (vɪˈdʒaɪə ˈlɑːkʃmɪ). 1900–90, Indian politician and diplomat; sister of Jawaharlal Nehru


(ˈpʌn dɪt; spelling pron. ˈpæn dɪt)

also pundit

(in India) a man highly esteemed for his wisdom and learning: often used as a title of respect.
[1820–30; < Hindi < Skt paṇḍita]
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