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1. A flat, usually rectangular piece forming a raised, recessed, or framed part of the surface in which it is set.
2. The space or section in a fence or railing between two posts.
3. A vertical section of fabric; a gore.
a. A thin wooden board, used as a surface for an oil painting.
b. A painting on such a board.
a. A board having switches or buttons to control an electric device.
b. An instrument panel.
6. A section of a telephone switchboard.
7. A cartoon drawing in a sequence of cartoons that form a narrative.
8. Law
a. The complete list of persons summoned for jury duty.
b. Those persons chosen from this list to constitute a pool from which a jury or juries will be selected for a particular court.
c. A jury.
a. A group of people gathered to plan or discuss an issue, judge a contest, or act as a team on a radio or television quiz program.
b. A discussion by such a group.
tr.v. pan·eled, pan·el·ing, pan·els or pan·elled or pan·el·ling
1. To cover or furnish with panels.
2. To decorate with panels.
3. To separate into panels.

[Middle English, piece of cloth, from Old French, probably from Vulgar Latin *pannellus, diminutive of Latin pannus, cloth; see pan- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adj.1.paneled - fitted or decorated with panels or wainscoting
adorned, decorated - provided with something intended to increase its beauty or distinction
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The walls were paneled to a height of about seven feet from the floor, while the plaster above and the ceiling were decorated with faded paintings of another day.
Paulvitch had flattened himself against the paneled wall of the corridor beyond.