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n. pl. pan·et·to·nes or pan·et·to·ni (-nē)
A festive Italian yeast cake flavored with candied fruit peels and raisins.

[Italian, augmentative of panetto, a small loaf, diminutive of pane, bread, from Latin pānis; see panada.]


(pænəˈtəʊnɪ; Italian panetˈtoːne)
n, pl -nes or -ni (-ni)
(Cookery) a kind of Italian spiced brioche containing sultanas: traditionally eaten at Christmas in Italy
[Italian, from panetto small loaf, from pane bread, from Latin pānis]


(ˌpæn ɪˈtoʊ ni)

n., pl. -nes, -ni (-nē).
an Italian yeast bread with raisins, almonds, candied fruit, etc.
[1920–25; < Italian, derivative of panetto little loaf =pan(e) bread (< Latin pānis) + -etto diminutive suffix]
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Bauli kicks off holiday celebrations, introducing the new Mini Panettone and Mini Pandoro
For on that special day, a panettone finds its way home to be eaten as special snacks all that week.
And Sainsbury's has jazzed up traditional Panettone with prosecco and will introduce two new Wensleydale cheeses - one with double chocolate fudge and chocolate chips, and the other with Irish Cream and vanilla fudge.
Made with all-natural ingredients, the panettone - artfully presented in a vintage style tin - releases its unique flavour after being kept in room temperature for around half an hour.
He beat five other finalists and was invited by Dai, who is executive chef at Bodnant's acclaimed Hayloft Restaurant, to help him create a unique recipe for a mouth-watering panettone.
I recently travelled to Italy to visit the factory where our panettone is made.
For PS35 you can choose between a cheese lover's hamper (with port, brie, cheddar, chutney, slate cheese markers and dark chocolate) or a sweet tooth's hamper (with white chocolate drops, fruit cake, cranberry nougat, jam, panettone and prosecco).
Recipes for some of the chef's personal favourites, including beef Wellington, roast goose with all the trimmings, cocktails, steamed goose buns, and chocolate and marmalade panettone bread-and-butter tart, are certain to help keen cooks raise their Christmas spread to the next level.
For anyone who wanted it along with staples, there was something special, such as Italian panettone, a sweet, fruit-filled bread.
Particularizes in pastries, chocolate and panettone, the shop is situated within an 18th century building on Corso Magenta and is a local haunt for the Milanese, just like Prada s flagship store.
We shared a panettone pudding, which is ''immensely popular with the regulars'', according to the menu.