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n. paniculitis, infl. del panículo grasoso.
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Paraneoplatic erythema nodosum (EN) is a type of panniculitis that is observed idiopathically or secondarily to drugs, infections, and rheumatic diseases.
Other situations for which testing for A1AT deficiency is strongly recommended include the presence of persistent airway obstruction or necrotizing panniculitis.
Patients frequently have more than one subset of cutaneous LE, as demonstrated by the frequent concurrence of discoid LE and lupus panniculitis, even in the same lesion.
Multiple names have been used for this entity, including mesenteric panniculitis, retractile or liposclerotic mesenteritis, mesenteric Weber-Christian disease, and xanthogranulomatous mesenteritis.
Pancreatic panniculitis with intraductal carcinoid tumor of pancreas divisum].
It is a rare form of panniculitis and is related to a high risk for development of jaundice in infants, liver disease in children and adults, and pulmonary emphysema in adults (for review, see McBean et al.
Released from damaged hepatocytes Ferritin receptor down-regulation Hypertriglyceridaemia Liver infiltration by histiocytes Decreased levels of lipoprotein lipase Hypofibrinogenaemia Liver infiltration Hepatomegaly/ Organ infiltration by activated histiocytes splenomegaly Cutaneous Histiocytic and lymphocytic infiltration manifestations (commonly panniculitis and/ or purpura) Pathology Differential diagnosis Cytopenia/s Bone marrow hypoplasia/ failure Bone marrow infiltration (malignant, infective) Drug-induced myelotoxicity (e.
20) In addition, a lymphohistiocytic panniculitis with fat necrosis is frequently seen.
A skin biopsy specimen showed mycobacterial panniculitis.
Histologically there is vascular calcification with ischemic epidemolysis and calcifying panniculitis may be present.
The Z allele is also suspected in patients with Wegener granulomatosis and panniculitis.