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or pan·ier  (păn′yər, -ē-ər)
1. A large wicker basket, especially:
a. One of a pair of baskets carried on the shoulders of a person or on either side of a pack animal.
b. A basket carried on a person's back.
2. A basket or pack, usually one of a pair, that fastens to the rack of a bicycle and hangs over the side of one of the wheels.
a. A framework of wire, bone, or other material formerly used to expand a woman's skirt at the hips.
b. A skirt or an overskirt puffed out at the hips.

[Middle English panier, from Old French, from Latin pānārium, breadbasket, from pānis, bread; see pā- in Indo-European roots.]

pan′niered adj.
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Dancers have been decorated throughout time with tattoos on the naked skin, billowing tunics lit with colored lights, grass skirts, panniered and hooped skirts, stiletto heels, towering Cambodian crowns, large tubes, and all manner of fashions of the day.
and his stage-filling costumes for Pigs are the "stars" of the show--for example, panniered skirts that turn into dressing tables for a number entitled "Wear Your Vanity with Pride.