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 (pə-nō′chə) also pa·no·che (-chē)
1. A coarse grade of Mexican sugar.
2. Variants of penuche.

[American Spanish, probably from Spanish panoja, panocha, ear of grain, panicle, from Latin pānicula; see panicle.]






1. (Cookery) a coarse grade of sugar made in Mexico
2. (Cookery) (in the US) a sweet made from brown sugar and milk, often with chopped nuts
[Mexican Spanish, diminutive of Spanish pan bread, from Latin pānis]
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Noun1.panocha - fudge made with brown sugar and butter and milk and nuts
fudge - soft creamy candy
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In the Quintet in G major, the Bagatelles and the Terzetto alike, the Scharoun Ensemble lay the emphasis on delicate dynamics, cantability and a bold lyrical charge, which sets their interpretation apart from the rather more robust Czech creations (of the Panocha Quartet and the Stamic Quartet).
Panocha is a coarse type of which basic food ingredient?
Madurez gonadica y ciclo reproductor del caracol panocha (Astrea undosa Wood, 1828; Gastropoda: Turbinidae) en Bahia Tortugas, B.
The reception was followed by the opening concert of the Festival given by the Panocha Quartet with Marian Lapsansky in Leamington's Royal Pump Rooms.
Panocha Quartet, Royal Pump Rooms, Leamington, May 2.
4 ounces piloncillo or panocha sugar or 3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
The third complete recording of Dvorak's quartet works was made by the Panocha Quartet (1983-1985, 1992-1999), who dedicated the major part of their career to this artistically highly refined project.
Madurez gonadica y ciclo reproductor del caracol Panocha (Astraea undosa Wood, 1828; Gastropoda: Turbinidae) en Bahia Tortugas, B.
Although the festival, which runs from April 30 to May 9, honours the Dvorak centenary in style, it also features a huge range of Czech music and musicians including the Panocha Quaret, Guarneri Tio Prague, Martinu Quartet, pianist Marian Lapsansky and violinist Bohuslav Matousek.
The hardcore classical Czech repertoire is strongly represented at the Royal Pump Rooms with performers including the Panocha Quartet, pianist Marin Lapsansky, the Guarneri Piano Trio of Prague, violinists Jana Novakova and Bohuslav Matousek, the Martinu Quartet and soprano Eva Garajova performing music by Dvorak, Janacek, Suk, Martinu, Fibich and Smetana.
with a sharp accentuation, emphatic rhythm, a sense for emancipation of the middle parts, bold dynamic differences, and vivid, though not exceedingly speedy, tempos (a number of ensembles, the Panocha Quartet In particular, play Quartet No.
Diferencias en la relacion talla-edad del caracol panocha Astrea undosa (Wood, 1828) entre dos localidades de Bahia Tortugas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.