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n. often panpipes
A primitive wind instrument consisting of a series of pipes or reeds of graduated length bound together, played by blowing across the top open ends. Also called mouth organ, Pandean pipe, syrinx.

[Pan + pipe.]


one of a set of panpipes



a primitive wind instrument consisting of a series of hollow pipes of graduated length, the tones being produced by blowing across the upper ends.
Often, pan′pipes`.
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Noun1.panpipe - a primitive wind instrument consisting of several parallel pipes bound togetherpanpipe - a primitive wind instrument consisting of several parallel pipes bound together
pipe - a tubular wind instrument
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But that's just one of many offerings, ranging from panpipe to harp to brass.
Syringa are lilacs, but Kramer also connects them with saxifrage, the literally "rock-breaking" yellow flowers "growing around the brink of the quarry," then with the lament of Orpheus, which "rends rocks into fissures," and finally with "syrinx," the panpipe.
Folk music vocalist Grigore Lese, rowers Elisabeta Lipa and Ivan Patzaichin, tennis player Ilie Nastase, caricaturist Stefan Popa Popas, athletes Iolanda Balas Soter and Gabriela Szabo and panpipe player Gheorghe Zamfir on Monday received their passports of ambassadors of Romanian tourism.
I had managed to work myself into a bit of a state but my nerves evaporated as soon as I experienced the panpipe music, scented candles and neutral colour scheme at the centre.
It is likely that panpipe artisans also built Caylan panpipes to prototypes.
Tony Hinnigan is an expert on indigenous wind instruments and his panpipe playing features heavily on the soundtrack of the 1986 film, The Mission.
At the panpipe players' convention, The precinct filled with llamas; The mayor sat in a pothole, When Coventry went bananas
Oliver Rudgard, marketing director at Tyrrells Potato Chips, on Tube train chivalry, crisp tastings and panpipe teaching
Sappy panpipe music was noodling away on the shop's ghetto blaster and the book selection, except for the obligatory C.
I once booked a doubles spa massage with my husband but he was so embarrassed by the whole experience he kept talking nervously to the masseuse which jarred with the Indian panpipe music in the background.
On the bill on Thursday will be RIKKI & THE PORTERS - a mash-up of Straw Donkey frontman Rikki Doolan and local Irish folk band The Filthy Porters - with comedy acoustic singer JIM WOODS, brilliant Peruvian panpipe band APU and exceptional Mancunian street poet MICKY HALL.
Children composed and performed their own music using traditional instruments made from animals and plants with panpipe playing musicians Caliche.