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also pan·ta·lette  (păn′tə-lĕt′)
n. often pantalets or pantalettes
1. Long underpants trimmed with ruffles extending below the skirt, worn by women and children in the mid-1800s.
2. A frill attached to the leg of underpants.

[From pantaloon.]
References in classic literature ?
Ah, how this brings it all back to me--I see everybody here in knickerbockers and pantalettes," she said, with her trailing slightly foreign accent, her eyes returning to his face.
Virginia would feed the rabbits and run to pick the wild flowers in the fields, and her flying legs would disclose her little embroidered pantalettes.
12) Hawthorne's delaying tactics disguise the juxtaposition of the narrator's expectation (announcement of a "monstrous beast") and the message of the crier: "Strayed from her home, a LITTLE GIRL, of five years old, in a blue frock and white pantalettes, with brown curling hair and hazel eyes.
I had two pairs of gloves, one over the other, one kid, and they bit through both pairs and a pair of heavy canvas pantalettes that hung down to the soles of my shoes.
3), and describing pantalettes as girl's leg wear is euphemistic (Innocence, p.
That Sunday morning in June with the bells ringing peaceful and peremptory and a little cacophonous--the denominations in concord though not in tune and the ladies and children, and house negroes to carry the parasols and fly whisks, and even a few men (the ladies moving in hoops among the miniature broadcloth of little boys and the pantalettes of little girls, in the skirts of the time when ladies did not walk but floated) when the other men sitting with their feet on the railing of the Holston House gallery looked up, and there the stranger was.
While the well-tended Sophia Jane sports "tight black ringlets which were cuffed every day on a stick" and "stiffly pleated lawn pantalettes and tight bodice," Nannie's body reveals the effects of neglect and malnutrition when she arrives on the Rhea plantation with her parents:
In her show she will be discussing female underwear taking in pantaloons and pantalettes, divided drawers and bloomers and not forgetting bikinis and thongs.
The need to impose the wearing of short skirts and pantalettes (a type of pantaloon with a straighter leg), Fischer argues, was Strang's last power struggle (p.