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1. Of, relating to, or issued by a pope: the papal succession; a papal bull.
2. Of or relating to the Roman Catholic Church.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin pāpālis, from Late Latin pāpa, pope; see pope.]

pa′pal·ly adv.
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A papally sanctioned outpost of the Society now existed, and ex-Jesuits outside the Russian Empire, in both Europe and the United States, clamored to "aggregate" themselves to it.
Almost all of the 26 papally appointed voting members--14 cardinals, eight bishops and four priests--are from Europe.
Local conflicts were replaced by a papally sanctioned holy war against the Prussians led by the Teutonic Order, which had reached the lower Vistula by 1233.
These distortions were papally caused by the EMU interest-rate convergence and the expansionary policies of the ECB.
While Far Post is not particularly papally proficient, we do have our doubts that the punters are recent form students, considering that the last time a Pope abdicated was in the early 15th Century.
Although a fantasy story, the magic in the Harry Potter books is based papally on Renaissance traditions, which played an important role in the development of Western science and medicine.
In the last three decades this has become the core Catholic teaching on abortion, papally endorsed.
Almost every later document in defense of the tertiaries was careful to draw a distinction between the legitimate (and papally sanctioned) third order and the illegitimate beguines "condemned by the law.
Volf begins by making the case for an ecclesiality of the church based on the assembly and the confession of the apostolic faith, in contrast with an episcopally or papally ordered understanding of communion.
960-1031/2), who exemplifies a kind of itinerant preaching allied to eremitism which was current in parts of Italy well before the papally directed reforms of the later eleventh century.
He also analyzes important papally approved and reformed books.
Content will also address the nexus of faith and knowledge at the heart of the Vatican Observatory's mission, including imagery from the Vatican Observatory and other principal sites of the Vatican, delivered on camera by prominent devotional television personality and best-selling author Father Michael Manning, an ordained and papally recognized Catholic priest.