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n. pl. pa·pa·raz·zi (-sē)
A freelance photographer who doggedly pursues celebrities to take candid pictures for sale to magazines and newspapers.

[From Paparazzo, the surname of a character typifying such a photographer in the film La Dolce Vita (1960) by Federico Fellini.]


n, pl -razzi (-ˈrætsiː)
(Journalism & Publishing) a freelance photographer who specializes in candid camera shots of famous people and often invades their privacy to obtain such photographs
[C20: from Italian]


(ˌpɑ pəˈrɑt soʊ)

n., pl. -raz•zi (-ˈrɑt si)
a freelance photographer, esp. one who takes candid pictures of celebrities for publication.
[1965–70; < Italian, from the surname of such a photographer in Federico Fellini's film La dolce vita (1959)]
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Noun1.paparazzo - a freelance photographer who pursues celebrities trying to take candid photographs of them to sell to newspapers or magazines
lensman, photographer - someone who takes photographs professionally


pl <paparazzi>
nPaparazzo m, → Fotojäger m
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The singer's car was allegedly being chased&nbsp;by a paparazzo in another car when the accident occurred, (http://www.
Unique photos make the most money, says Tuan, a paparazzo who shoots for Phamous Photos.
The source added: "Kanye would be mad if he knew, but Kim is still texting with paparazzo.
Washington, June 19 ( ANI ): Justin Bieber has been cleared of charges in a hit and run incident, in which a paparazzo was hurt.
Rob Kardashian has settled the civil case with the paparazzo who hunted him down to get a picture of his shirtless body.
A PAPARAZZO was hit by a car and killed while he was snapping pop star Justin Bieber's white Ferrari.
Ms Nettles said the second paparazzo was treated at a local hospital.
In "Teenage Paparazzo", Grenier picks up his own camera to pursue Austin Visschedyk, a 13-year-old paparazzo whom Grenier met after he was ambushed by the young photographer.
Mr Darmon, the motorcyclist to paparazzo photographer Romuald Rat, told the jury there was "panic" when the paparazzi realised the Princess and Dodi had left from the back of the hotel.
Ian Hart co-stars as Don Konkey, a schizophrenic paparazzo who's great at getting the money shot, less accomplished at curbing his internal demons.
Spinelli was already a veteran photo-reporter by the time Fellini dreamed up Signor Paparazzo, the brash young photographer in "La Dolce Vita" (1960).
A classic Galella moment: JKO telling her bodyguard, "Smash his camera," after the paparazzo supposedly lensed her as he grunted lewdly and called her Baby.