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Noun1.paper chain - a chain made of loops of colored paper; used to decorate a room
chain - a series of (usually metal) rings or links fitted into one another to make a flexible ligament
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Craft a long paper chain to snake its way across the entire length of the dining table, weaving around glasses, crackers and napkins.
TO celebrate Hospice Care Week, St David's Hospice is to be decorated with a paper chain of many colours.
NEWS: Wallington Hall in Northumberland is being decorated with 1,000 trees, from tiny paper chain versions to a 30ft specimen in the National Trust property's courtyard.
Canada's biggest English-language daily paper chain, recently launched several redesi--umm, actually, Wayne Parrish, Postmedia's chief operating officer, would prefer you call them "reimaginations" instead.
The emotional states of both children and adults are beautifully captured, as well, from the insecure feeling that everyone but you has an essential role, to the mean looks from a self-important head angel, to nervous tummy aches, to the joy of dancing and singing on stage, to the contented smile on a janitor's face as he sweeps up debris, post-program, a paper chain hanging over his head and scripts, recorders, and costumes strewn about.
NELSON MARLBOROUGH District Health Board (DHB) delegates Joan Wright and Sally Tollafield last month presented DHB chief executive Chris Fleming with a paper chain of messages on the value of the national NZNO/DHB multi-employer collective agreement--the "chain of office", according to organiser Denise McGurk.
Other activities include prayer circles and preparing the church for Saturday Mass by finishing the job of stapling 24,000 loops of a paper chain, each ring of which represents a child who will die of hunger in one day in third-world countries.
Each of the kids made a 9-foot green paper chain, which was attached to the top of the frame and taped to the floor, forming a tree trimmed with paper ornaments.
In a final stroke of brilliance that would honor Rachel Scott's dream of a "chain reaction," the counselors chose a symbol that would capture the imagination of nearly every Rockwall child, parent and district employee: a paper chain.
GLUE together the column inches written on whether Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard can play together for England and the paper chain would snake comfortably from London to Astana.
Designed by Sutton Coldfield based advertising agency WAA, the 12-month campaign featured a series of paper chain men holding hands.
Paper Chain, Syracuse, NY, Booth 105--Network of more than 2,700 audited community papers across the U.