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n. Informal.
1. a person who has a routine desk job.
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Noun1.paper-pusher - a clerk or bureaucrat who does paperwork
administrative official, bureaucrat - an official of a bureaucracy
clerk - an employee who performs clerical work (e.g., keeps records or accounts)
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In this way, WorXsiteHR is both selling insurance -- online and without the paper-pushing typical in the industry -- and providing businesses a program where they can manage it all.
Our higher education system is so far removed from this that universities have become nothing more than paper-pushing, draconian institutions that care nothing for the welfare of their students.
With blood and guts galore on the show, Ragosa's quiet, paper-pushing role could get lost in the hands of a lesser actor.
HR will live up to its worst reputation of being a bureaucratic, paper-pushing, administrative group," Whelan says.
Ekandjo said after 20 years of existence, the NHE has to move from a paper-pushing consultancy, which issues tenders, to an organisation with its own infrastructure and a team of service-personnel to do the job.
That first comment is often followed by some statement like, "If we just used the latest development solutions, we'd solve all of our old, slow, paper-pushing ways.
He was transferred to a paper-pushing job in Manhattan and has no authority to make arrests or respond to emergencies.
At last, the American legal profession has clear and final relief from attempts to solve a nonexistent problem that would have created paper-pushing and raised legal costs," ABA President Steve Zack of Miami said after House passage of the bill.
Instead of actively looking after the sick and vulnerable, nurses are increasingly paper-pushing delegators of care; concerned more with targets and bureaucracy, to the detriment of both patient and profession.
The two economists calculate that the paper-pushing standards advocated by the FDA cost between 160 to 500 percent more than simple performance standards would.
In that same speech, Berwick told the audience, You could have had a monstrous insurance industry of claims and rules and paper-pushing instead of using your tax base to provide a single route of finance.