Bound in paper; paperback.
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This is a paperbound reprint of the 2015 clothbound edition.
95, paperbound, Princeton University Press, ISBN 978-0-691-14555-6
The remaining paperbound journals are subject to physical degradation.
The Society of Biblical Literature publishes the paperbound edition; Brill publishes the hardbound.
50 for a paperbound edition and pounds 58 for the clothbound version.
In October, the American Bar Association (Chicago, IL) released "A Legal Guide to Homeland Security and Emergency Management for State and Local Governments," a paperbound book that is designed to help attorneys at the state and local levels and private counsel involved in critical infrastructure understand and comply with the requirements and new issues applicable to respond to threats of terrorism or natural catastrophic events.
This compact, glossy, paperbound text contains 62 cases in 5 sections: 1) Intestinal Protozoa, II) Blood and Tissue Protozoa, III) Cestodes, Trematodes and Intestinal Nematodes, IV) Blood and Tissue Nematodes, and V) Challenging Cases.
The Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (ASCE) has just published Volume 9 of its Cuba in Transition series, a 487-page paperbound book which represents the 9th annual meeting of the ASCE, held in Coral Gables, Fla.
More than 50 years ago, Martin wrote two slim, paperbound books, ``How to Prune Fruit Trees'' and ``How to Prune Western Shrubs.
They were small, paperbound, inexpensive volumes, sometimes of trivial material but often of excellent writing from the past and present.
Individuals have the option to purchase paperbound booklets relating to specific Code sections of particular interest to them.
This 39-page paperbound manual provides specific guidance for salmon fishermen on ways to maintain high quality, providing recommended operating procedures for fishermen, chilling and chilled storage during fishing operations, freezing and frozen storage aboard fishing vessels, fishing vessel sanitation, tendering vessel guidelines and recommended operating procedures, chilling and chilled storage aboard tenders, and tendering vessel sanitation.