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This is the third round of funding Paperclip has received from the development bank.
The author offers a history of Project Paperclip, which brought German and Austrian scientists, engineers, and technicians to the US after World War II for employment in the armed services, civilian agencies, and defense industries.
Snapchat's introduction of Paperclip means users can add URL links
To further meet customer requirements, a paperclip sized version and an ultra-thin version of the tag with a 1/8" (3.
If no water leaks into the boat, add another paperclip.
Project Paperclip did not "remain the standard source" nor will Operation Paperclip.
The Billion Dollar Paperclip is more a position statement on the contemporary issue of contextual analytics than a how-to guide for implementation.
Operation Paperclip explains how the United States dealt with the Nazi scientists and how those deals were covered up.
BY STEPHEN HAYWARD ROYAL Mail has been accused of "Scroogelike behaviour" for refusing to deliver a card because it contained a paperclip.
The first player places his pencil tip through the paperclip on the center of the wheel and spins the paperclip.
Review of the coronal images in bone windows revealed a metallic paperclip in the center of appendicolith.
Lee helps us build a picture paperclip by paperclip.