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 (pä′pē-yōt′, păp′ē-)
1. A frilled paper cover used to decorate the bone end of a cooked chop or cutlet.
2. An oiled paper or foil wrapper in which certain foods are baked.

[French, from Old French, ornament for the hair, from feminine of papillot, diminutive of papillon, butterfly, from Latin pāpiliō, pāpiliōn-; see pavilion.]


1. (Cookery) a paper frill around cutlets, etc
2. (Cookery) en papillote (French ɑ̃ papijɔt) (of food) cooked in oiled greaseproof paper or foil
[C18: from French papillon]


(ˈpæp əˌloʊt; Fr. pa piˈyɔt)

a wrapping of foil or oiled paper in which food is cooked and often served.
[1740–50; < French, irreg. derivative of papillon butterfly. See papillon]
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His head was uncovered, and his hair neatly done up in papillotes.
thought Glorvina, trembling with all the papillotes.
But any mild white fish will work for today's recipe, Cod with Pomegranate and Zucchini en Papillote.
The Salmon En Papillote came enveloped in foil to retain its freshness.
For mains, opt for sea bass in origami papillote, or a steamed sushi bowl which details shiitake, crab meat, kinshi egg, wasabi accompanied with soy.
The Seafood Steamer offers a convenient take on the classic French en papillote cooking method, according to the Stellarton, Nova Scotia-based retailer.
The recipes range from traditional Middle Eastern treats such as Mahashi Khodra and Tabat Tamir repurposed in a contemporary style by culinary duo and raw food proponents Nabih and Ghalia of Nabz&G to international delicacies such as Fish en Papillote and Vegan Quinoa Chili created by Le Cordon Bleu trained Chef Nadia Parekh of Melange Dubai.
by Lennox Honychurch, and Your Time is Done Now: Slavery, Resistance and Defeat: The Maroon Trials of Dominica (1813-1814) (London: Papillote Press and New York: Monthly Review, 2015, paper [pounds sterling]9.
Max posh points go to the sea bass en papillote in tarragon and parsley butter.
Caption: Emile Henry The Papillote (fish) steamer cooks fish, whether whole or fillets.
Stand out main dishes include lasagne with beef ragout, the salmon en papillote with coconut milk and fresh lemongrass served with baby potatoes and vegetables, a veal cutlet with jacket potato puree and vegetables, and pork shank with mashed potatoes.
This came served in a papillote, another classic French cooking method in which the fish is cooked whole along with vegetables inside a paper parcel, usually tied up with string.