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 (pä′pē-yōt′, păp′ē-)
1. A frilled paper cover used to decorate the bone end of a cooked chop or cutlet.
2. An oiled paper or foil wrapper in which certain foods are baked.

[French, from Old French, ornament for the hair, from feminine of papillot, diminutive of papillon, butterfly, from Latin pāpiliō, pāpiliōn-; see pavilion.]


1. (Cookery) a paper frill around cutlets, etc
2. (Cookery) en papillote (French ɑ̃ papijɔt) (of food) cooked in oiled greaseproof paper or foil
[C18: from French papillon]


(ˈpæp əˌloʊt; Fr. pa piˈyɔt)

a wrapping of foil or oiled paper in which food is cooked and often served.
[1740–50; < French, irreg. derivative of papillon butterfly. See papillon]
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Stand out main dishes include lasagne with beef ragout, the salmon en papillote with coconut milk and fresh lemongrass served with baby potatoes and vegetables, a veal cutlet with jacket potato puree and vegetables, and pork shank with mashed potatoes.
This came served in a papillote, another classic French cooking method in which the fish is cooked whole along with vegetables inside a paper parcel, usually tied up with string.
With my chicken en papillote, French for 'in parchment', everyone has an individual parcel that includes their full meal - chicken, potatoes and vegetables - all with a lovely sauce made from all the wonderful flavours as everything steams itself beautifully.
In the Kenwood Cookery School, we are going to be making a Fish En Papillote.
is was cod en papillote (or, as the waitress described it, "cooked in greaseproof ", which was accurate but a little less glamorous).
In addition to signature breads, Eric Kayser offers a number of French-inspired dishes, including: authentic croissants and pastries, sandwiches, tartines, and healthy yet innovative salads such as lentille du fermier or quinoa tabbouleh, mains including poulet au pistache or filet de saumon papillote, and the dessert menu includes fondant au chocolat, berry berry crepe or pain perdu.
Fish en papillote is the elegant-sounding name of a staple recipe of classic French cuisine.
I chose two specials: a satisfying hunk of goats cheese with honey dressing and sunflower seeds for starter, followed by cod en papillote, an attractive little parcel unwrapped to reveal a colourful selection of vegetables accompanying the delicately cooked fish.
BLUE HORIZON WILD has introduced a line of all-natural seafood entrees designed to use the classic French cooking method of steaming recipes in a sealed wrapper or en papillote, French for "in parchment.
Four Chef-inspired Entrees are Steamed in the Microwave en Papillote
Signature dishes include sea urchin in lobster jelly topped with cauliflower cream, crispy langoustine papillote with basil, and freerange quail with foie gras.
As a main, you'll have the choice of veal papillote with green leaves and pepper sauce, served with grilled potato and buttered vegetables, or a pan-fried salmon fillet with apple risotto, lemon butter sauce, accompanied with glazed carrot and sauteed shrimps.