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Pasta in broad flat strips with straight or rippled edges.

[Italian, from pappare, to wolf, gobble down, from Vulgar Latin *pappāre, from Latin pāpa, pappa, children's word for food.]


a type of pasta in the form of broad ribbons
[C20: Italian, from pappare to devour]
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Pastas include pappardelle with wild boar ragu and spaghetti with fresh Maine lobster.
65) large shrimps in a tomato marinade served with garlic bread (judged to be delicious), followed with Pollo Saporito - a chicken breast pan fried with bacon, mushrooms, white wine and butter on a bed of pappardelle pasta.
Freshly made pappardelle noodles with ragu and an assortment of boiled meats that came with mostarda brought the meal to a satisfying crescendo, capped with a sweet note chestnut gelato and chocolate almond cake.
95 Wild mushroom pappardelle served with parmesan and grated black truffle - pounds 10.
The Merluzzo Arrosto is a delicately roasted fillet of cod on pappardelle tossed with peas, broad beans and butter - simple but delectable.
Check the seasoning and serve stirred through fresh Waitrose basil pappardelle pasta.
The mushroom and gorgonzola pappardelle pasta dish had plenty of chunky mushroom pieces in a delicious, rich, thick sauce.
Meanwhile cook the pappardelle according to the pack instructions, then drain.
12 ounces fresh pasta sheets, cut lengthwise into 2-inch-wide strips OR commercial OR homemade fresh pappardelle, fettuccine OR trenette
My friend had roast turbot with clams and bacon and spinach puree, while I toyed with grilled seabass, pappardelle artichoke and sage cream.
The Italian restaurant in Cardiff Bay has also introduced Merluzzo Arrostom, a delicately roasted fillet of cod on pappardelle tossed with peas, broad beans and butter, and Linguine Vongole - another light dish of clams tossed with garlic, chilli, plum tomatoes, parsley, white wine and linguine.