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 (păp′yo͞ol) also pap·u·la (-yə-lə)
n. pl. pap·ules also pap·u·lae (-yə-lē′)
A small, solid, usually inflammatory elevation of the skin that does not contain pus.

[Latin papula.]

pap′u·lar (-yə-lər) adj.


a. papular, rel. a una pápula, papuloso-a, papulado-a.
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KARACHI -- Chairman Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC) Arif Illahi has said that the softball is a popular game in Pakistan and is equally papular among men and women.
A diffuse papular rash was noted on the patient's back.
Scheduled for April release, Deer Season XP will debut in several papular whitetail cartridges.
The cutaneous disease of a papular rash and lymphadenopathy occurs in approximately 22,000 cases per year in the U.
This newly discovered molecular function likely explains why mutations in the hairless gene contribute to the pathogenesis of atrichia with papular lesions.
Limfoproliferatif ve otoimmun hastaliklar: Cocuklarda AE ve bunu takiben gelisen hiperemik papular dokuntunun Fas bagimli limfosIt apopitozu ile iliskili olan otoimmun limfoproliferatif sendromun bir belirtisi olabilecegi bildirilmistir (63).
The 1972 report by Friedrich [56] of a pregnant woman with multifocal papular lesions of the vulva that histologically resembled CIS and resolved spontaneously postpartum questioned the consensus that these lesions required extensive treatment.
In the initial phase of the disease, nonspecific symptoms such as generalized pruritus with or without associated eczematous, excoriated, papular, and/or urticarial lesions may predominate.
A previously healthy 42-year-old female was referred to a dermatology clinic with a few days history of painless non-blanching papular lesions on her legs (figure 1), swollen hands and generalised myalgia.
Skin examination revealed multiple erythematous and papular skin lesions involving bilateral upper and lower limb (Fig.