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a.1.Deviating from circularity; changing the distance from a center.
Paracentric curve
(Math.) a curve having the property that, when its plane is placed vertically, a body descending along it, by the force of gravity, will approach to, or recede from, a fixed point or center, by equal distances in equal times; - called also a paracentric.
Paracentric motion
the motion or velocity of a revolving body, such as a planet, by which it approaches to, or recedes from, the center, without reference to its motion in space, or to its motion as reckoned in any other direction.
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2 in the forms of inversion and translocation--namely, paracentric inversion [inv(3)(q21q26.
Meanwhile, one or several chromosomal abnormalities, especially autosomal aberrations (including Robertsonian and balanced translocations) and pericentric and paracentric inversions, have been documented in about 8% of men with severe oligozoospermia (7).
However, Rothfels (1989) hypothesized the possibility of "mating trials" within sympatric populations of black flies (Simuliidae) between taxa differentiated by paracentric chromosomal inversions in males.
Population structure of newly established Anopheles funestus populations in the Senegal River basin using paracentric chromosomal inversions.
A different fundamental arm number, which may be attributed to the intra-chromosomal changes involving pericentric and paracentric inversion, suggests an origin from the same primitive ancestor.
labrosus from the Capivara Reservoir (Carvalho and Dias, 2007) and from the Tibagi River (this study), but in terminal and interstitial positions, respectively, it is possible that there was a paracentric inversion in a subtelocentric pair bearing 5S ribosomal genes.
In mammalian sex chromosomes, a series of Y inversions disrupting X-Y recombination have been reported (Lahn & Page 1999); in plants such as Silene latifolia, Y chromosome evolution involved two large inversions, one paracentric and one pericentric (Hobza et al.
Cytogenetic study of paracentric inversions in Tridax procumbens (Compositae).
Iron bars and paracentric keys are fast becoming antiques.
Countersunk rivets and a hardened steel shackle provide added protection, while a paracentric keyway with drill protection makes the lock difficult to pick.
2 indicated that translocations or paracentric inversions occurred in the amphiploid.
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