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You have changed in many respects since your marriage, and for the better," said Sergey Ivanovitch, smiling to Kitty, and obviously little interested in the conversation, "but you have remained true to your passion for defending the most paradoxical theories.
It sounds paradoxical, but I am inclined to think that the weakness and insanity of the curate warned me, braced me, and kept me a sane man.
Not that he treated me to any ingenious sophistries or paradoxical perversities.
It is a small world," he said, "especially, although it sounds paradoxical, in the big places.
Their very chastity, paradoxical as it may seem, is their destruction.
The Sagoths could not understand these seemingly paradoxical instructions, though their purpose was quite evident to me.
The answer which is given by Plato is paradoxical enough, and seems rather intended to stimulate than to satisfy enquiry.
The attempt to express spiritual ideas through the medium of the secular epic, with its battles and councils and all the forms of physical life, is of course rationally paradoxical.
As to the opinions which are truly and wholly mine, I offer no apology for them as new, -- persuaded as I am that if their reasons be well considered they will be found to be so simple and so conformed, to common sense as to appear less extraordinary and less paradoxical than any others which can be held on the same subjects; nor do I even boast of being the earliest discoverer of any of them, but only of having adopted them, neither because they had nor because they had not been held by others, but solely because reason has convinced me of their truth.
Never in her life had she seen a man at once so paradoxical and dependable.
His next concern is to explain away the air of paradox, for James was never wilfully paradoxical.
Such, I have long known, is the paradoxical law of all sentiments having terror as a basis.