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Variant of paresthesia.


(ˌpærɛsˈθiːzɪə) or


(Pathology) pathol an abnormal or inappropriate sensation in an organ, part, or area of the skin, as of burning, prickling, tingling, etc
paraesthetic, paresthetic adj

paresthesia, paraesthesia

any abnormal physical sensation, as itching, a tickling feeling, etc. — paresthetic, paraesthetic, adj.
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Noun1.paraesthesia - abnormal skin sensations (as tingling or tickling or itching or burning) usually associated with peripheral nerve damage
symptom - (medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease
formication - hallucinated sensation that insects or snakes are crawling over the skin; a common side-effect of extensive use of cocaine or amphetamines
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Dilip Kothari (2003) administered supraclavicular block in 250 patients by eliciting paraesthesia, he found that 6% cases had vessel puncture during the procedure but block could be performed successfully in these patients once pressure stopped the bleeding.
Volar ganglion cysts may cause pain or paraesthesia from compression of the ulnar or median nerves or their branches, while dorsal ganglion cysts may compress the terminal branches of the posterior interosseous nerve.
Proudfoot Classification- Assessment of Severity of Acute OP Poisoning [8] Mild Fatigue, Headache, Paraesthesia Clinical Nausea and Vomiting, Diaphoresis, Manifestations Salivation, Abdominal pain Diarrhoea, Able to ambulate Decline in <10% Serum PchE Moderate Symptoms of Mild poisoning + Clinical Miosis, General weakness, Manifestations Dysarthria, Fasciculations, Unable to ambulate Decline in 10-50% Serum PchE Severe Generalised Fasciculation, Marked Clinical Miosis, Flaccid paralysis, Manifestations Respiratory distress, Unconsciousness Decline in >50% Serum PchE Table 5.
7,8,19,24,25 They spend long hours every day in front of their computer screens engrossed in stressful mental work, which, if not given consideration to proper precautions, may lead to debilitating consequences, such as pain, paraesthesia, subjective weakness in upper extremity,26 decreased conduction velocity in peripheral nerves,26 and even disturbances in the postural balance.
9) Sensory deficits are usually subjective and can include paraesthesia (numbness, tingling, and feelings of pins and needles), coldness and neuralgia.
The devices function by producing electrical impulses to create paraesthesia or numbness in the target area.
Denis pain scale, MacNab's criteria, 50% reduction in weekly intake of pain killers and complications like hypotension (>10% fall in MAP), bradycardia (<60 per min), nausea/ vomiting, headache, difficulty in voiding after two hour, spinal anaesthesia and paraesthesia etc, were recorded in the proforma by another anaesthetist blinded of the groups.
8%) patients suffered from paraesthesia and acute neuritis was seen in two patients (4.
The patient developed dizziness, paraesthesia, peri-oral and finger numbness, nausea and vomiting about three hours after consuming a dried puffer fish for dinner at home on August 19.
2) The clinical presentation of oral fibrosarcomas are pain, swelling, paraesthesia, loosening of the teeth and ulceration of the overlying mucosa.
Damage to the nervous system could be indicated if movement provoked any radiating pain, dizziness, paraesthesia, or anaesthesia.
Patients with an entrapped median nerve may experience symptoms of numbness, paraesthesia, weakness and muscular atrophy (Scanlon, & Maffei, 2009).