paraffin oil

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Noun1.paraffin oil - (British usage) kerosine
coal oil, kerosene, kerosine, lamp oil - a flammable hydrocarbon oil used as fuel in lamps and heaters
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Since limited study was conducted systematically on the spinning of UPE/LDPE blending gel, this article focused on UPE/LDPE blending gels in paraffin oil with different solid contents in order to obtain PE fibers of high strength and low cost.
There was a bottle of paraffin oil on the table and she threw it at me unawares.
Sian Williams, leading on the incident for Natural Resources Wales, said: We are trying to establish what it is, but it could be something like vegetable or paraffin oil.
one syringe (20 ml), 5 ml aseptic paraffin oil (Suzhou Saipahan special oil limited company).
Key statement: A dedicated material for manufacturing a special safety tire rubber for wheeled combat vehicles and aircraft in the army is disclosed, fabricated with, by weight, 28-40 parts of polyisoprene, 19-30 parts of silicone rubber, 15-25 parts of thermoplastic elastomer, 10-18 parts of magnetic powder, 10-15 parts of paraffin oil, 0.
The odorants were dissolved in commercial paraffin oil (which by itself was the negative control) (molecular biology grade, Shanghai, China) to make stock solutions of 10 [micro]g/[micro]L from which 10-fold dilutions were made.
Foreign materials, such as paraffin oil, paraffin balm, mineral oils, and silicone, have been used to improve penile shaft contour and dimensions.
Other key ingredients include white beeswax and noncomedogenic, pharmaceutical-grade paraffin oil.
Light was by paraffin oil as there was no electricity on the island, and gas lighting was only introduced in the late 1930s.
The everted portion was washed thoroughly with mild antiseptic solution (Potassium permaganate) and paraffin oil was applied as lubricant for easy reposition.